E-Commerce websites is the need of the hour as the end client wants to shop at his convenience, can be from home, office, at café or with friends. At LCS® Infotech our endeavor is to provide user friendly eCommerce design, plug-ins, payment solutions and website and payment security for all sizes of businesses from a startups, small, medium to large companies.


Ecommerce Portal Services

Before going through what is an e-commerce website, we should have an understanding of what exactly e-commerce is? Executing a business online is called e-commerce. Doing merchandising of products or services through internet without the use of paper documents is known as e-commerce. E-commerce business is increasing day by day. It’s getting necessary to have a website which can attract your customers and make you stand out among the crowd. E-commerce website paves a way to your success in online trading. Your e-commerce website should be eye-catching and organized, so that visitors of your website get attracted and do not face any problems in purchasing or performing any activity on your website. If you are looking for an effective e-commerce website, our company, LCS® Infotech, offers a platform which will provide you with e-commerce website solutions globally.

Features required for effective e-commerce website:

Image Quality: Whenever you go through a page of a newspaper or book, you get attracted towards the image first. In websites also the visitors’ first attractive point is the images used in the website. It is necessary to use a good quality image to make your website eye-catching.

Organized layout: When customers visit your website they want an organized layout where they can easily find out the specific categories. Categories should be visible and easy to understand for the visitors of your website, and keep the design of the website as clutter-free as possible.

Security: E-commerce website is basically for the business that involves money and when it comes to the matter of money, everyone gets conscious. Many people get worried about typing in their credit card details on the Internet fearing fraud. So your website should offer an https checkout page that will protect the visitor’s card information from hackers.

Easy Navigation:  When you visit any retail store, if it is unorganized you will not purchase anything. Same is the case with an e-commerce website.

Consistency: Pages of an e-commerce website should be in consistent manner. There should be uniformity in color, text, design and images of different pages of a website. While going through different pages of a website the visitors should feel that they going through the pages of the same website.

Pricing: Pricing, discounts, and offers should be mentioned in your e-commerce website very clearly, so that the customer does not have any confusion about your pricing offers.

SEO-friendly: Your website should be SEO-friendly. Keywords used in your website should be such common words which can be used by customers to search for an e-commerce website.

Quick Preview: Customers get very irritated while going through different pages because of delay in loading of a page. They will lose interest in scanning your products, and hence use a quick preview of category pages will provide them with the information they need, to decide if they want the product, without having to scan through to the product page.

Product Details: It is important to provide all the product details which the customers need for any purchase transaction.

Payment Gateway:  With our cost effective payment gateway services through our reliable gateway partners you can be assured of safe and secure transactions for all your ecommerce needs. Payments can be sent and received via debit cards, credit cards, Bank Transfers, eWallets etc. All payments are secure and we provide SSL certificates. We help coordinating and getting all your payment gateway needs done with ease.

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