Flexibility and scalability of cloud platforms is required for all businesses which have the potential and inherent character of growth and we do this with industry-leading managed services advising our clients as per technical requirements at server and business end so that the end user enjoys the speed whether is a simple website, news, auto portal to ecommerce websites. We provide cost-effective and secure cloud based hosting solution. Our hosting services are designed in such a way that our client’s gain protection against all threats whether it is on website or email and we help reduce onsite data center footprint. Our Cloud Hosting and Security guarantees 99.99 percent uptime. Our multiple data centers help provide 24x7 protection and ensure your server is up & running at all times enabling you and your audience to view and access data flowlessly.

Cloud Hosting and Security

Domain Registration

Domain Name: There are many websites in the web world. So, it is necessary to provide your website a unique name. Domain name is the unique address of your website. Domain names are used in URLs to identify your web page.

Server Space Service

LCS® Infotech is a Professional Web Design & Development Company based in New Delhi, India. Our aim is to combine quality web design with offshore development in order to provide online solutions for companies of all sizes. We develop any website with confidence so that we can assist you by providing best solution for your all complex problems.

Windows Server Hosting

Windows Server hosting offers added functionality and flexibility than any other technical solutions that are available. With this technology, it is easy to respond to large-scale peaks in demand.

Email Hosting

In every business there is a need to interact with clients. It can be done either through phone calls or email services. Most of the companies use email services for the purpose of interaction with their clients. Hence, use of email services has increased a lot and we receive or send a number of emails per day. If you want to interact with new clients or customers, email hosting is a crowning option.

SQL Hosting

SQL is a language used by the database to store and display data of websites. If your web server will be hosted by an ISP then there is a need to look for SQL hosting plan. Some of the major SQL databases are MS SQL Server, MS Access and MySQL.

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