A thoughtful plan, eye to detail, correct usage of data very specific to client and industry and branding is required for an impactful online solution to begin with. Our approach is to provide custom-tailored solutions hence we employ a range of prevalent research tools and practices. We employ all available online and offline data apart from one-on-one meetings and idea sharing with our clients to create a effective solution.


Design clarity along with totality of the concept rather than just focussing on the architecture delivers a good output. We take into account the complete performance of website long with its appearance. We focus on all technical requirements and international website norm compliance for scalability which includes the brand consistency, information structure, content flow, easy and fast navigation and the overall layout of the site. Much of the design and development framework is discussed and agreed to in writing with the client for execution of all the agreed design and code which is reflective of the brand and as per the needs of the clients. This enables both us and the client to view each agreed milestone in the given timeframe and helps create an environment where the client is not surprised by the end product which was visualized very differently to what the final outcome may come and also the client knows and understands the functionality of the site.


Post strategizing on the design and information architecture, the design and concept is transform in a use friendly website. To implement a functional website, we focus on user interface, databases, appropriate graphics, where applicable create custom applications and create a dashboard. The content is then put into the site and prepared to be published. During this phase, the whole strategy and conceptualization becomes a reality and the dashboard can help you monitor the process.


After deploying all the requirements for successful running of the website both from designing point of view and also from backend technical requirements, a rigorous testing is performed on all technical aspects and usability so that the final product is fast, compatible with all devices and user friendly for the target audience. A month of maintenance at our cost is done to ensure that all parameters from usability to server to minute tweaking if required can be done to make the website user-friendly. We provide different maintenance options – hourly, monthly, yearly for you to choose from.

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